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The Importance of Advocacy
The future of music education in the state of Ohio is dependent on the support of educators, parents, students, communities, legislators, and support groups. This area features important advocacy information to aid in supporting music education at the local level.

Advocacy Materials
The Ohio Music Education Association Government Relations Committee has prepared Advocacy Materials to support music education for use in advocating with parents, school administrators, school board members, legislators and others. Please feel free to utilize this information in music department newsletters, concert programs, and other communication. Please credit the source listed when using this information in your advocacy efforts.

Advocacy Slideshows
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Advocacy Materials
Advocacy Tidbits for Music Educators
How Does Music Education Impact Student Learning
What Do You Need to Know to Advocate For Music Education?
What To Do When Music Program Cuts Are Threatened
Conditions That Support Music Education: How Does Your School District Rate?
How To Interview a School Board Official or Elected Officer

Advocacy Materials
Secretary of Education Letter
Eight Reasons For Supporting the Arts
Dr. Tim's Grassroots Advocacy Guide

Music Advocacy Links
Ohio Alliance for Arts Education
American Music Conference
Americans for the Arts
The Arts Education Partnership
Presidents Committee On Arts and Humanities
Arts Edge
Support Music
Project Vote Smart
Music Friends